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Spring has Sprung….

13. May, 2009

I have been meaning to post a couple of new paintings to the portfolio but it seems that life keeps getting in the way.  Oh who am I kidding, procrastination is more like it.  Anyway, today was the day.  I added two 8 x 10′s which is something unusual for me; I tend to paint large format, but these were fun to do.  The winter months (and the economy) has kept my mood on the blue side for quite some time.  Not much creative energy was flowing, but with spring in the air and nature’s colors coming alive, so has my creative soul….thank goodness.  I am back in the studio and excited about some new projects.  I hope to keep at it and have more to share soon.  Get out and enjoy God’s paintbrush….a total inspiration for us all!
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  1. Luanne Lozier 11. Jun, 2009

    Hi there,
    Tony gave me your business card so I decided to visit! I actually had a shop in the Village At Winona for two years! Beautiful paintings here! I have two blogs if you’re interested! One decorating and one about my life with horses! Best Wishes, Luanne Lozier